Buck Watch

At Hunts End, we are whitetail deer fanatics, too, and we love to follow the progress of the bucks throughout the season. This page gives you the chance to follow along as the bucks develop their antlers and grow to maturity.

Also, please note that this photo record is available because we work hard to ensure a memorable and successful deer hunt for all of our clients. We pride ourselves in producing quality Wisconsin whitetail deer year after year. The reason that we are successful in producing bucks for our clients every year, is the time and commitment we put into proper and strict deer management. Land management, supplemental feeding, proper harvesting of our deer and an extensive herd-monitoring program gives us the tools to allow our deer to grow to their potential, in-turn giving you the best giant deer hunting experience of your life.

We use trail cameras, shed antler records and year-round observation to keep close tabs on the herd and to monitor and age the bucks. Our guides will take you to the field with an extensive knowledge of the herd as well as the ability to quickly and accurately age deer. Feel free to follow along — and enjoy the show!

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Ogdensburg, WI 54962